Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bikini Girl Inked!

While gearing up for the OilCan Drive Kickstarter (launching later this week) I took a break from all the work I've been doing to make the campaign happen and inked something completely removed from client work and all things OilCan Drive related.

If you'll recall I penciled this piece last month as a way to take my mind off of all the flooding that was happening around Boulder. You can see that sketch HERE.

Now I'm turning to it again to take my mind off of the Kickstarter campaign that I am both excited and very nervous about. I think it's nice to have some sort of outlet to take your mind off of things when it all gets to be too much.

And, because I liked this piece so much I've already started the color on it. I meant to simply start the color, maybe lay down some basic shadows, but I found myself staying up way to late and not wanting to stop. So, aside from a few small details, the color is almost done as well.

I'm sure I'll be showing that off soon enough. But, for now, it's back to OilCan Drive for a bit. There is still a lot to get done before noon on Thursday.

See you soon!

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