Saturday, October 5, 2013


 Wow, with everything that happened last month, new cars, floods, and a ton of client work, September really got away from me. So when October snuck up on me I was totally unprepared.

I started this new piece of Ryan Burke from OilCan Drive for the October Header late this week and I promise I'll have the piece done and a new header up by Monday.

For now, enjoy the process. One of the problems I had with this piece was, as I started penciling it, I didn't leave enough room on the page for the guitar's headstock. So, I drew that separately and I'll merge it all together when I scan the piece into the computer. I need to get inking and coloring and I hope I don't fall behind again for November.

And the new sexy girl pin-up I showed off the sketch of last time will be done soon as well. She got stuck somewhere in a pile of art and I haven't had time to dig her back out yet. But, soon enough!

Have a good October. New art will be done soon!

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