Friday, October 29, 2010

From the Vault - Loud Boy 2004

I've been trying to find the original file of this piece for a while now but, not finding it, I think it might have been lost in one of those pesky times when my computer freaked out and I didn't have the work backed up.

Back your work up, kids. Take it from someone who lost a few pieces here and there.

Luckily, in one of the folders of art I found, I had a hard copy of it printed out so here he is, Loud Boy himself!

I must have done this piece right after I moved into my new place. I remember still having things in boxes, trying to paint and fix up my new place, and doing my best to set up some sort of bare bones studio so I could work on this piece.

I got a call from Penguin Books in New York City and they were working on a few graphic novel projects. Somehow they'd come across my work and wanted me to do a sample for a new book they had in development called "Loud Boy." I can't remember what the story or concept were but, from looking at this sample, it appears, as you'd guess, to be about a boy who was LOUD.

So, I got my studio into some sort of working order and quickly got this piece done and out to them.

From what I remember, I don't think I ever heard anything back from them at all. Not a yes, not a no, not a maybe...nothing.

But, that's the way the freelance world is sometimes. If a client doesn't want to use you or even if they have used you and plan on using someone new and never talking to you again it's not like you get some sort of severance package or even a call to tell you you're "fired."

Sometimes the world just doesn't call you and that should be answer enough.

But, after doing the piece and having a good talk with the client about the job, a "no thanks" would have been nice.


rob! said...

Wow, never seen this! What a great piece. I love the color fade behind his read--with the little voice lines it adds a real "pow!" effect to the piece. Really nice.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Maybe they re-thought the ’Loud Boy’ concept, and eventually figured it just wasn’t the idea that was going to set the publishing world on fire.

Nice piece though.

Sean Tiffany said...

You can tell I was trying to impress someone when, not only did I do a full color piece when only asked to do a sketch, but I designed a logo as well.

And Jeff, while I wish that was what happened, the reality is that the Loud Boy books are out there and doing well.

Ah, well...