Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need a Hero!

Like I said, before, it's been a while since I did anything even remotely super-hero related. Honestly, with the work I've been doing the last few years I didn't even think I'd be in the running for a job involving super anatomically enhanced characters.

But, I got the job and I have to say, I've really been enjoying the project. Not only does it have me going back to my college days when we learned anatomy but I've also been watching a lot of old Bruce Timm Superman and Batman cartoons. I've even looked into getting all of Timm's old Justice League episodes on DVD (I've never seen any of these episodes and, with over 90 of them out there, I think it would make for a few fun viewings.)

I even have visions of doing something involving Superman when I have some free time.

But, for now, it's back to the paying jobs.

These designs have been approved and now it's on to the fun stuff.

If I haven't drawn super heroes in a while, you can imagine how long it's been since I drew two of them throwing punches and duking it out.

The fun has only just begun!


Manu said...

Cool Sean ! Have fun !!! :D

Sean Tiffany said...

So far, so good!