Thursday, October 7, 2010

OilCan Drive Ad Spot

I almost forgot I did this piece before I went away on vacation so I figured it was about time to show it off on the blog.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Cyndi, an old friend of mine who has since moved from Colorado down to Texas. She was looking for some art for some sort of thing at her new work in order to fire up her team and win some sort of sales contest.

Cyndi has always been a big fan of OilCan Drive and requested that I have Ryan and Henry holding up some signs that she would later add text to. Seeing as Cyndi was one of OilCan Drive's first real fans I just couldn't refuse her. But, I did have a lot on my plate at the time and tried to get this piece done as quickly as possible.

I fell back on a technique I learned while doing a lot of storyboards for ad agencies in New York. With jobs like that the deadlines are so tight and there is so much work you're just trying to draw as fast as you can and still have each drawing make sense. So, for art like this I quickly sketch out the characters in light blue pencil and then go right to inking them with Sharpie markers. It's not as detailed or as subtle as I'd like but it does get the job done.

From there it's simply a matter of scanning the art into the computer, laying some color onto it, and calling it a day. For this piece, I did swipe some pre-existing art and gave Ryan his Fender guitar from an already completed piece. Shhh...don't tell Cyndi.

And, because this piece was being shown in Texas, Cyndi requested that Ryan be wearing a Dallas Cowboys football jersey and not his usual Colorado Avalanche hockey jersey. I wasn't a fan of it but I did it anyway.

What can I say? I just couldn't say no to OilCan Drive's first fan.

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