Friday, October 8, 2010

From The Vault - OCD Character - EMF Soldier 2004

Another piece I pulled out of my notebook from last week was this character design of a military soldier from the OilCan Drive universe.

In the world of OCD the majority of America's heartland has been turned into a vast wasteland of dust and desert. Little old western towns of lawlessness have popped up and it's where all the outlaw bands go to play their music. The government, in an attempt to control this area, founded the Environmental Military Forces (or EMF) to police the region.

I've always been a fan of anything military and since OilCan Drive threw everything I loved together into one big story it was only natural that I had some type of military soldiers in there. Even if they were the "bad guys."

The design of the soldiers actually came from what I was wearing at the time when I would go out every night and rollerblade around Boulder. I usually wore this old beat up hooded sweatshirt with a vest over it when it got cold enough. I liked the idea of the military being this faceless bunch, much like the Stormtroopers from Star Wars, so the hood idea worked out perfectly. From there it was just a matter of adding all kinds of gear to the figure to help him survive the desert areas and making the colors a bit more military.

The world of OilCan Drive was slowly getting bigger than the four members in the band...

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Manu said...

It's a very good creation, Sean ! He's impressing ! I love the work on the different logos, and the smiley ! As usual, I envy your sense of the postures ! :D

Thanks for the Lily's secret life pics, it was.... interesting lol....