Friday, July 8, 2011

From The Vault - Birthday Cartoon 1999

Back in 1999 I was so poor that one of things I would do for friend's birthdays is draw some art for them. I had known Desmonne since 1997 and, in 1999, she and I had become good friends. She turned me back onto a love of hockey that I had forgotten I had and gave me a new team to root for in the Colorado Avalanche.

So, for her 20th birthday, I drew a caricature of her in the captains jersey of the Colorado Avalanche.

I have no idea if she even held on to this or if it hit the trash can as soon as she got home. But, it was the first time I had drawn the Avalanche jersey that I would later use a lot as the main shirt for Ryan Burke in OilCan Drive. So, for that alone, it makes this piece special.

And, while, looking back, I'm not too happy with the way I portrayed a very beautiful twenty year old girl in this cartoon I did get a chance to draw her again years later for her wedding day.

I think I got it right the second time.

Of course, she is missing the cool Avalanche jersey. But, I doubt either she or her new husband would have appreciated that.

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