Friday, July 1, 2011

From The Vault - Spider-Man Inks 2000

Here's another piece of inking I did over David Tata for Marvel Comics back in the year 2000.

The editors up at Marvel must have thought I was competent enough after inking over David's pencils for a few X-Men cards that I showed off HERE and HERE. And, I knew from talking to David that he was really happy with the way I inked over his stuff so I got to do a few more pieces of Spider-Man. I'm not sure which version of Spider-Man this was but, hey, I'm not picky, it's all Spider-Man to me, no matter what costume he is wearing this week.

I did the inking work for Marvel after most of the painting work I was doing for them dried up once the computer coloring took over and an airbrush artist was no longer needed. Plus, there had been a lot of shake ups at Marvel and a lot of the editors I used to work with were no longer there. Actually, after knowing about a dozen different editors up there during my painting days when 2000 came around I only knew one. But, at least he was one of the higher up editors and when I called him asking if he had any work available he took a chance on me and let me do some inking.

Unfortunately, a few months later he was let go too and every connection I ever had to Marvel Comics was gone. Who knows what might have happened if he had stuck around and kept sending me work. I may have been a Marvel inker for a lot longer than a few months in the year 2000.

Ah well, it's still fun stuff to look at and I wouldn't wish my life or career any differently.

And, I get to say I worked for Marvel Comics once and got to work on Spider-Man.

I think the nine year old kid inside of me is definitely satisfied.

Have a great weekend.

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