Thursday, July 7, 2011

Model Mayhem

Not only have I had my work featured on my own website and a few other pay sites for a while, but I've also been on a website called Model Mayhem for the last year or so.

It's a site that caters to mostly models and photographers but there is also space there for make-up artists, fashion designers, and painters/illustrators. So, since I enjoy drawing a model every now and then, I signed up and put some of my pin-up work there.

I never really got much work from the site but people seemed to like my work and it's never a bad thing to have a place to look for people if you happen to need a model. But nothing seemed to lead to anything concrete.

That is until I got a message from one of the models yesterday. She liked my work and was wondering if I could do something of her. I found a little free time in the schedule and told her I'd do a quick portrait of her to see if she likes how I draw her before we go along and do any more stuff.

So, I spent last night and a bit of this morning doing this quick inked portrait of her. Now we'll just have to see what she thinks.

Who knows, this might lead to something fun. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a great day.


rob! said...

Wow, I didn't even know there was a place for artists on there, cool!

Sean Tiffany said...

And it's free!

rob! said...

How do they make money?

Manu said...

Very nice piece, Sean ! :D