Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love and Capes #2

Maybe it's because I don't do the whole "New Comic Wednesday" thing anymore at my local comic shop but I totally missed this book coming out last month so I didn't even know to look for it.

My friend Thom Zahler's newest issue of Love and Capes, #3, came out yesterday so it means the issue of Thom's Love and Capes #2 that I inked and colored the cover for came out last month.


Anyway, here is the finished cover that Thom penciled and I inked and colored. I'm sure you can still find a copy at your local comic shop or you can get the book digitally at Comixology HERE.

This was really fun cover to do and it had been so long since I've done any kind of artistic collaboration that I forgot how much fun they can be. My thanks to Thom for bringing me along and letting me play a little bit in his super hero universe. It was really great.

You can check out more of Thom's work HERE and Love and Capes not only runs as a regular comic book but you can also read it as a web comic and buy some books and merchandise HERE.

And, yes, I am working right now to get Thom on the B2TDB podcast. Keep your fingers crossed!

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