Friday, October 19, 2012

OilCan Drive Business Card

Here is a business card I created earlier this week to try and help promote my entry into Guitar Center's Singer/Songwriter contest.

I wanted to create something I could give to friends I saw in the real world and not just rely on the digital world to try and do the job for me. Plus, it's always fun to build something new and give it to people. If I could make a living simply making cool stuff to give to my friends for the rest of my life I'd be all set.

We'll see how these cards have helped me by the end of this week. But, right now it doesn't look too good. The numbers I figured I would need to get me past the initial round and into a spot where I would actually be judged seem now to be a little low. And the numbers I have gotten this past week are far short of what I initially thought I would need.

Some people out there seem to be far better at using all the social network sites than I.

But, I still like making cool things. And, whether I make it into the next round of this contest or not that will never stop.

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