Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Singer/Songwriter Contest, Day Two

Alright everyone, it's day two of the contest and things are rolling along great. Thank you all so much for yesterday and starting this thing off with a bang! Today I'm posting the link to the actual contest page and my profile there. You can check that out HERE.

 If you go to the profile, on the right side of the page you can see the list of social media that I am being judged by. There is, of course, Facebook (where you can like the page), MySpace (or, as I call it, Classic OilCan Drive, where you can become a friend), Twitter (where you can follow me and get tweets about my blog postings and such), YouTube (where you can watch the video and, if you like it, hit like...it's the only way the view counts), SoundCloud (featuring a couple of great Bob Dylan songs covered by OilCan Drive...follow the band here for it to count) and, finally, Vimeo (where, if you are signed up, you can follow the band.)

Again, I really appreciate the help. Honestly, I was feeling kind of down late last night as I looked at the leader board and saw people in the top ten who were obviously using some sort of program trickery to get votes. There is no way someone who hasn't posted a tweet since August simply goes on Twitter, types in, "I've joined a contest," and suddenly has 11,000 new followers. I found a few different sites that will get that to happen for you and I almost signed up to try and gain some speed in the contest but I didn't.

I'd much rather have true friends and fans like you support me than a bunch of phantom fans that don't mean a thing.

I said it once and I'll say it again. I would put my song up against anything else I have seen entered in this contest. But, I won't cheat to try and get fans simply to get to a point where an actual person will see my video and judge it.

Whether I succeed in this endeavor or not it doesn't really matter to the future of the OilCan Drive project. I'll keep drawing art, telling stories with comic book pages, and recording songs. I've tried to quit the project a few times and the band in my head just won't seem to let me.

Although, they think it would be really funny if we won something like this and, in a sea of singer/songwriters, the guy who draws cartoons for a living is the one who gets to appear and perform on Jimmy Kimmel. Come on, what would be funnier than that?

Thank you all again and have a great day!

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