Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sports Illustrated Kids July

As I sit here on a Saturday and ink the newest Sports Illustrated Kids "What's The Call?" illustrations I thought it would be a perfect time to show off three more illustrations from months past.

As usual, there is a certain play during a sports game and it's up to you, as the official on the field, to decided what's the call!

1. During a women's basketball game a player, in the three point zone, takes a shot that hits the side of the backboard. Is the ball considered out-of-bounds?

2. During an NFL football game a quarterback throws a screen pass to a receiver but the receiver bobbles the ball and it's caught by an offensive lineman. Is he allowed to advance the ball?

3. In a Major League Baseball game a second baseman fields a ground ball but it gets stuck in his glove so he tosses the glove and ball to the first baseman. Is the batter out?

So, you're the official on the field.

What's the call?

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