Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I finally got approval on the thumbnails I submitted for the new kid's books last week late Friday afternoon.

So, it was a very busy weekend penciling away on the interiors on one of the books so I could get them in to Stone Arch by Monday. I had planned to try and wrap up the pencils by Sunday night but I hit the wall and had to get up early on Monday to wrap up the last few stragglers.

But, I made it, submitted the pencils, and am now waiting for these to make the rounds and get approval so I can start inking and finishing these up.

Now, what do I do today? Well, there is always OilCan Drive...more inking, more penciling, lettering, graying in pages, not to mention a full album of music that needs to be worked on.

Or, I could do the responsible thing and start penciling the next Stone Arch book. I got one book penciled but I got approval on two books worth of thumbnails. So, I think I'll do the responsible thing and start doing the next set of pencils.

Ah well, at least it's not the weekend...

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