Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Give Hugs!

Well, I don't give hugs...well, maybe I do...it depends on how good a day I'm having when you catch me. But, my good friend Adam Trapani is a big fan of giving hugs.

So much so that he created t-shirts to share his passion with the world .

Adam has been a great friend to me the past bunch of years. He's been a musical inspiration and has helped guide me on my own musical journey. He was the guy I called when I decided it was time for me to buy my first guitar. Pursuing his own musical dream, Adam moved to Nashville, TN a few years ago. We've kept in close contact over the years and he is the one guy I talk to when I am trying to figure out songs I am writing or new music I am playing. He's also the one who helped me buy a piano. So, yeah, it's safe to say that without Adam around I wouldn't be doing what I am doing with music right now.

So, you can either thank him or hate him, depending on how you feel about what I'm doing. Ha ha.

But, yes, Adam enjoys giving hugs and created a t-shirt to celebrate that fact. And, right now, he is having a big sale on them. So, help a struggling musician pay his rent, eat some food, and celebrate hugs.

The sale can be found HERE and his main website, with some of his music, can be found HERE.

And, while I am hyping things other than my own work, I found a podcast I've been listening to the last few days that I absolutely love.

"The Devil and Me" is a podcast by comic book artist Skottie Young and his girlfriend, singer/songwriter "Casey McCauley". I was hesitant to listen at first. Most podcasts I come across are boring and just because someone can produce a podcast doesn't mean they always should. But, after listening to the first episode of these two talking, I was hooked.

Skottie and Casey are a couple who've been living together for almost ten years, even though they are still young, both in their early thirties. Just listening to these two talk about the week they had, the movie they might have seen together, or arguing about who is right about any given subject is just too funny. They answer listener's email questions about relationships, work, or entertainment choices. And then they read Cosmo together and laugh at the advice. It's too funny.

More than once, while working, I've had to put down my ink brush because I was laughing too hard to draw a decent line. So, yeah, I recommend it. It might not be the safest thing to listen to if you work with a bunch of people. But, then again, I don't know where you work. So, maybe you can. But, if no one around you minds foul language coming out of your computer speakers then I'd give it a try.

You can find the most recent podcast, as well as an archive of past episodes, HERE.

As for me, time to start drawing the newest kid's book. I plan on having the whole book blue line pencilled tonight before I go to bed. So, I better get to work. Have a great day!


Life of an Artist... and Kick-Ass Stylist Chic! said...

Hurray for Tots!



AdamTrap said...

That Adam guy seems pretty sexy.

(Thanks for the plug)

Sean Tiffany said...

I hope the shirt sale goes well. Everyone could use more hugs these days.