Friday, July 3, 2009

From The Vault - OilCan Drive Stand-Ups 2004

Well, Jeff mentioned on Wednesday how he wanted an OilCan Drive Stand-Up of his own. So I thought, "what better thing to feature on From The Vault Friday?"

I did these pieces in 2004, not so much to make stand-ups, but to have some character shots of each of the main characters from the OilCan Drive comic book. It also gave me a chance to size them up in relation to each other so I could get a better visual idea of how they would look if they stood together on stage.

The stand-up idea came later because, honestly, it's the closest I could come at the time to make anything that even resembled an OilCan Drive action figure. Yes, I know they are a poor excuse for a real life plastic figure. The playability alone is very low and they don't come with any accessories. But, apparently I've liked them enough that over the last five years they've always been in my art studio looking over my shoulder.

And, they're also in good company. Right next to my characters is a little figure of Kurt Cobain, looking upon my up-and-coming rock band with envy. Well, maybe not envy. Maybe he's scowling. Maybe he doesn't like my band. Ah well, screw him. I'm sure he's not alone.

Here is the original art for each of the stand-ups including one I never built. Two actual villains from the OilCan Drive world, the Lobos Brothers. They're twin brothers who, depending on which incarnation of the story they're appearing in, usually turn up as werewolf-like shape-shifting bodyguards. As their shirts say, you really don't want to mess with them.

Click on any of the pieces to view a larger image.


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I love those cut-outs, they remind me of those stand-ups we used to do at McNabb's.