Monday, July 6, 2009

Back To Work

After a little more than a month off to myself, working away on the OilCan Drive project, I finally got an email from Stone Arch books saying the vacation was over!

It was great to get a new manuscript to work on but the line in the email that really got my attention was, "how is the book we sent you a month ago going? When are we going to see some of that?"

Umm...uh-oh...I didn't get a manuscript a month ago so I haven't worked on anything! Ack!

So, this week starts not one new book, but two.

I did thumbnails this weekend so we'll see how those go over in the next few days and then it's off to the drawing board to work on two books at once. It shouldn't be too bad as the four books in this contract all inter-relate and feature the same characters.

But, the updates to the blog might not be as daily as I was hoping to make them. But, don't worry, there is always From the Vault Fridays and I'll try and snap some photos of the art table as I work away over the next three to four weeks.

I've learned my lesson not to let the blog go for too long without an update. I feel like a neglectful parent when that happens.

Have a great week!

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