Thursday, July 2, 2009


I totally hit the wall last night while inking the latest page for the OilCan Drive comic.

There were only a few little things to do to call it a finish for the night but I just couldn't seem to do it. So, I sat down and watched a movie instead. And then I took a bike ride.

I'll probably finish up last nights page today but, for the better part of the day, I'm planning on staying away from the drawing board. I'll take a drive, do some errands, and maybe scan in some of those finished pages that have been piling up behind me. Just something different.

The funny thing I realized about the pages I have left is that they are mostly pages featuring Vincent and Nicole. I guess I like inking Ryan and Henry a bit more than those two. Not that I don't like Vincent or Nicole. I think Ryan and Henry are just more fun to play with. Ryan is generally the guy who seems to get the group into more trouble and Henry, bless his heart, is usually right there next to him. For a second, I thought, well if I don't enjoy drawing Nicole or Vincent, why are they even in the book? But, it was just for a split second. Everyone in the book has a role they play and if not for Vincent and Nicole, I think Ryan and Henry would have gotten themselves killed long ago. So, Vincent and Nicole pages are just as important as the Ryan and Henry ones. Just not as much fun :)

I was trying to get all of these pages done by the end of the holiday weekend because I had a feeling some client work would be showing up soon. And boy, was I right. Not only did one new manuscript show up today but two! So, those will keep me busy for the next four weeks. Hopefully sometime in there I can figure out how to wrap up the OilCan Drive comic.

But, for now, I plan on having a relaxing day.

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