Thursday, December 31, 2009


So, Monika and I tried to go see James Cameron's Avatar in 3D last night at a 6:15 show here in town. I figured, "it's Wednesday shouldn't be too crowded."

But, as I stood in line and looked up at the digital screen of show times the words "sold out" rolled across the time that I wanted to see it. The next 3D show wasn't until 10:30. Beaten, Monika and I left the line and wandered into Border's Book Store. We stayed for a bit and I even bought a few books for Monika of a manga storyline she's recently fallen in love with. We did have to leave when a father and daughter came in and started gushing to one of the sales people how wonderful Avatar was and how she just "had to go see it in 3D!"


So, I'm not sure when we'll get a chance to try and see it again. I am guessing that tonight will be just as packed since most people have no where to go tomorrow. And, with the schedules Monika and I keep it's hard for us to both have time off together to go see a movie in the theater. So, we'll see.

I did get to come back home last night and watch the second airing of the Colorado Avalanche hockey game. So, it wasn't a total loss.

I also played around a bit with my music recording software and discovered some new things about mastering already mixed and finished tracks that has me really excited. The difference I was hearing of the before and after mixes was like night and day. The new mixes were bright and clear with all the different instrument parts nicely separated. It made the old ones I had been doing and calling finished sound, at best, muddy by comparison.

So, it wasn't the worst night ever.

But, it still felt like a kick in the stomach for most of it.

Today, back to the drawing board so I can actually show you a new project I am working on. As much as I love the music side of the OilCan Drive project it does make it hard to blog about. But, when and if I get into the full tracking of the album (hopefully soon) I have some ideas of things I can write about here that will go along with the music.

Have a great New Year's Eve and stay safe!


rob! said...

Gotta say, don't think you've missed much not seeing Avatar.

In any case, Happy New Year!

Sean Tiffany said...

I'll see it at some point, even if it's only at home. I think it may be like Batman and Robin...where everyone was telling you not to see it but you still thought, "it's can I NOT see it?"

So, we'll see. Have a great New Year, Robbo!