Monday, December 21, 2009

Linebacker Block

Well, Survivor ended last night and, while it wasn't the exact ending I was hoping for, it's always fun to watch the finale of that show. I can't believe the next season of the show will be its 20th! Where does the time go?

I finished the third book in my current contract for the Stone Arch books last Monday and decided to take some time for myself during the holidays to work on some personal projects and finish the fourth football book in January. But, ever since I finished that third book and had more than two seconds to breath I'd been utterly exhausted.

After three days of not doing anything I thought I was doing better on Friday. Then I found myself trying to open the inside of my condo's door (you know, the locks you just turn) with my keys and thought, nope, not better yet. Even the small task of making a list of things I wanted to accomplish was almost too much for me and I didn't even tackle that until Friday.

But, Friday night I made my brain shut up and drank a few beers and addressed and signed Christmas cards. That seemed to do the trick because, by Saturday, I was clear headed again and ready to face anything. I cleaned the house, restrung all my guitars, and prepared for the week ahead.

So, things are back on track and getting done. The OilCan Drive album is prepped, demoed, and ready for me to lay down the multiple tracks on every song. My list of things to do is written and things are already getting crossed off. My Christmas cards are in the mail and I've laid down what I need to do to finish the OilCan Drive book.

So, things are getting better all the time. It's just nice to finally be awake to enjoy them.

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