Friday, December 18, 2009

From The Vault- Iron Man 1991

Here is another piece I found under my bed while I was in Maine.

I know this piece was done during my second year at the Kubert School but I'm not sure if it was for an actual assignment or not. The fact that it's still in its penciled stage makes me think I did it just for myself. But, who knows, it might have been for some odd design project where I just happened to depict Iron Man. Past Sean is not always good at leaving clues for Present Sean.

I do remember, at this time, that I was trying to figure out how to depict shiny metal in a black and white piece. I hadn't quite figured it out yet. I think I really got the grasp of metal once I was in my third year, working at the McNabb Studio, and looking at a lot of Soryama's art while Mark, my boss, did a great job explaining why it worked.

While doing the Iron Man piece I remember the best someone tried to explain it to me was telling me to make it kind of look like links of sausage. That still makes no sense to me.

But, that's what school is for. To try and figure out all those questions you have running around in your head. If nothing else, I like the layout and design of this piece.

Even if I hadn't figured out a shiny metal technique yet.


rob! said...

I feel like I've seen this sketch, which makes me think it was a class assignment.

Sean Tiffany said...

I can't even remember which class this might have been for. And, I'm so used to the fact now that if something isn't finished and inked that it couldn't have been for anything at all.

But, I guess they did make us do a lot of just penciled assignments in school, didn't they?