Monday, December 28, 2009

More Inking

With the finished inking of these two pages all the art for the interior of the OilCan Drive book is complete. Oh, they still need to be scanned to the computer, cleaned up, and laid out in some sort of design but as far as the art by hand goes, the interior is done.

So, that's one more little victory I can claim on this project.

It feels like this is taking forever and I'm not working fast enough. But, I'm doing it when I can, between client work and friend and family obligations. And, it is getting done. Slowly...but it's getting done.

Now I just need to design and draw images for the book cover, CD cover, and sleeve cover.

Oh, and do an album full of music.

But, I have a feeling some of that will be tackled this week. I'm feeling that itch to really start get this moving again.

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