Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back To It

The new computer got here on Tuesday morning and I spent most of Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning trying to get it set up. I loaded all the programs I needed on it and got everything up to date. When I was finally satisfied that everything was on there that I needed I moved out my old computer out of the way and put the new one in its place.

And that is when the problems started.

The computer I use to do my work is a five year old machine which has only been connected to the internet a handful of times. I use it to do all of my artwork, record the OilCan Drive music, write, and do my finances. It's pretty simple. It works and does its job. I figured the new computer would blow this old one away. But, after a few headaches in getting it set up I found that both the scanner I use to get my had drawn artwork into the computer and all the music gear I use to record with are not compatible with the new system.

So, after not being sure what to do I finally put the old computer back where it belonged, hooked all of my old gear into it, and got it working again. And it felt comfortable.

I scanned in the three pieces of art I was waiting to use on the new computer. And, like I expected, everything works fine for what I need. You can see them all here, prepped to be colored.

The new super computer is now sitting in a corner, waiting for what I am going to do with it.

But, I'll tell you this much, I know I am much happier working on the art side of things than trying to do tech stuff and make a computer work. And, I think, in the end, that is what matters.

So, we'll see what happens.

And before anyone says it, I'll say it myself just to get it out of the way.

Maybe I should get a Mac. ha ha.

Talk to you soon.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Your not going to use your new computer now???

I know with my new one being a 64 bit, there were some programs that would’nt work at first, but there was a setting I had to switch on called ‘compatibility mode’ or something like that and it will let me run all my older programs that weren’t designed for the whole 64 bit windows 7 monstrosity.

Search around on Google, I bet there’s a way you can get everything running on the new one.

:) Just do it quick, like pulling off a band aide. If not you‘ll just have to go through all this sh**t again in another year or two.

Sean Tiffany said...

We'll see what happens. I'm still trying to figure it all out.