Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bone 20th Anniversary Inks

So I inked up the Bone piece I penciled yesterday. I don't know. I think I might chalk this one up to a good effort but poor execution. I'm just not happy with it so I think I might just let it lie here and go back to doing some of my own stuff.

Like I said yesterday, if Jeff Smith himself isn't drawing these characters they just don't look right. So, maybe that is what's bugging me about this piece.

But good try, Sean, good try. Now go back into your own sandbox and play with your own toys.


rob! said...

I dunno, I think its pretty good--a combo of his and your style. The characters are recognizable, but anyone can tell you did it.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Yeah, I think its just a style thing, cause its a really, really good piece.

Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks guys. I still think I am going to put this piece aside and go back to my own stuff for a while. I've been mucking with the Exit 6 covers and I'm having way too much fun doing it.

That plus, you know, the client work.

But thank you both.