Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exit 6 Cover Pencils

I got the pencils done for the Exit 6 cover the other night. Everything looks good so far and I'm really glad I made a preliminary collected book of Exit 6 for myself so I had some reference on hand to help me remember what all the characters looked like. I'm just amazed by the 90's hair styles some of these characters had. There are a couple of mullets in this book I wish I could just forget.

I also made a photocopy of the pencils and went around it with a sharpie marker to help give me an idea of how the finished book cover might look once I block it in and add the titles and text. Originally I was going to let the art bleed right off the cover but the more I played with this mock up the more I found I really liked the idea of a black border around the piece. For some reason it seems a bit more elegant to me and fits better with a collected edition.

OK, off to pencil the back cover and maybe start inking on this piece today. We'll see how things go. Maybe I'll even find some time to write a bit more of the interior manuscript. It's getting there.

Have a good one!