Monday, April 11, 2011

Vincent Pencils

I enjoyed doing the new Ryan Burke piece last week that, while waiting for the new computer to arrive, I did a new one of Vince, the other guitarist in OilCan Drive, as well.

The thing I really enjoyed about both pieces is that I just penciled them with no planning other than the idea in my head. Usually, when doing work for clients, I always do thumbnail roughs so I can show everyone what I'm thinking before I actually do it. It's a good way to visually communicate with someone and let them know what's going on before too much work on the piece is done and you have to go back and start it all over again if something isn't working. Of course, there are still times people change their minds and I still end up having to go back and start over but doing thumbnails greatly reduces that from happening.

I've been going the thumbnail route so much these past few years that I even do thumbnails for myself most times. I have an idea and I sketch it out quickly in my notebook to make sure everything looks right. Like I said, it works well.

But, what I am really enjoying with these new pieces is that I am drawing without any pre-planning at all. Just drawing for the pure joy of drawing and seeing what comes out. Poses change and even, on this piece, his hands moved around more than a few times, but it's really fun and I'm happy with the outcome.

Now I just need to crack open the ink and lay down some lines on Vince. Hopefully I can have him inked and finished and ready to show to you tomorrow.

Have a good one!


rob! said...

Nice when you enjoy the process, eh?

Jeff Lafferty said...


Sean Tiffany said...

Thank you both! And yes, when the drawing is flowing it's a lot easier than when it's a struggle. Funny how it all ends up looking the same when it's all done though.