Monday, January 9, 2012

Chase Cooper 2

Another project I took on and finished over the holiday was an illustration for the second Chase Cooper cover.

Since the design process of the little guy had already been worked out during the creation of the first cover his second leap into action didn't take nearly as long. And this time around I got to draw him in a bit more of an action pose which was really fun.

The author is now putting the finishing touches on the cover and book and hopefully she'll send me a copy when it's done like she did last time. And, when she does I'll be sure to post it here on the blog so you all can see the finished product.

As for the 365 Club, oops, it looks like I forgot to add Jonathan Lopez to the group. So, at least for readers of my blog, we might have lost Dean but we can now add Jonathan. And, Jonathan is actually doing some great stuff and has pledged to do a new sculpture every day for 365 days. I may have just agreed to blog everyday (my default safety idea is to just take a photo out the window and write one sentence and still get that day's blog in) but to actually be sculpting a new piece every day?! Now that is just crazy and I hope Jonathan can keep it up. You can check out his blog HERE.

I also invited my friend Thom Zahler to join and he has informed me, with the convention schedule he keeps, that he just wouldn't be able to do it. But, he has started his own club, the 4/7 Club, where he plans to write four blog posts a week. And, if that isn't enough for you I'm sure, with his traveling schedule, he'll be in a town near you soon enough so you can tell him in person. I'm adding him to the 365 Club as an honorary part-time member.

I would have also asked my friend Rob Kelly to join the club but that guy has been publishing multiple blogs daily for the past five years. It would be like asking a major league professional baseball player if we wanted to come out in the street with us and play stick ball. He'd just look at us, shake his head, and think, "rookies." A list of Rob's blogs can be found HERE and his major one, The Aquaman Shrine, not only has been daily for the past six years but he also does a regular podcast for it. So, yeah, Rob is the big fish in my little pond. Still, I'm adding his illustration blog to the 365 Club as an honorary member. It might only be updated once or twice a week but he blogs enough other places and his illustration site is definitely in line with the spirit of the club.

Enjoy the blogs, enjoy the art, enjoy the day, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Dean said...

I'm still here in spirit :D

Keep it up! It's better than reading the daily newspaper. Long live the 365 club (at least for a year) Haha!

Sean Tiffany said...

Dean, even if you aren't doing the daily monsters I still hope you keep doing them ,even if you can only post one a month. I have no plans to take you off the 365 Club list.

You will always be there and I hope to see some updates as soon as you have the time.