Saturday, August 25, 2012

Launching a Rocket

With Jeff out of town today I had to helm the Back To The Drawing Board podcast all on my own. Jeff and I usually get together on Saturday afternoons for a few hours and record the podcast but with him being gone it meant I had to figure out something on my own.

We've always been meaning to get guest interviews on the show so I looked at this as an opportunity to try that out. It would have been much easier to find someone local and just have them come over to the studio since that is how Jeff and I have had it set up these past few weeks. Just a couple of couches, a couple of microphones, and we'd just record us talking. But, with it being so last minute I had to look beyond the local talent and set my sites on going global.

I know a lot of people use Skype to record their podcasts and it looked like the perfect way to get one of my friends from far away to be a guest on the show. So, I signed up to Skype and then tried to figure out how to get it all recorded. I ran into a TON of different programs that could do the job but, running out of time, I rigged up a way of recording that I had at least tested once and I knew would work.

I got my good friend, Rob Kelly, to be on the show with me. We talked for over an hour about going to school together, our careers, and the Ace Kilroy project he is working on now.

And, while I'm sure all Rob had in front of him was his IPad, you can see that the set-up I had in front of me looked like a primitive monkey trying to launch a rocket ship into space. But, while it may look like a mess, it did work and the show won't miss a week.

The podcast will air this Wednesday, so keep a look out for it!

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