Thursday, August 23, 2012

Speaking of Blue Birds...

This seems almost funny when I realize I just did an illustration earlier this week of a blue bird twittering but, last week, I bought a new microphone. And, interestingly enough, it's called a Blue Bird.

I've been eying the Blue line of microphones for a while now. For those of you not in the know, the Blue Microphone Company builds perhaps one of the best microphones out there called the Blue Bottle Condenser microphone. It looks a bit like the big brother of the Blue Bird I bought and has the ability to change out the microphones capsules on top with different cap types. But, unfortunately, the Blue Bottle and a set of these mic capsules costs about twelve thousand dollars.

So, I went on EBay, found someone selling the Blue Bird, and got it for about a third off what it would retail for new. It doesn't have interchangeable capsules but it still looks great and, from the research I did on it, it sounded like it would perfectly fit the bill for what I needed.

The shipping was free and I liked the vibe of the person selling it. The mic got here quickly enough and, last Friday, I pulled it out of its wooden box, put it together on one of my mic stands, and plugged it in to test it out. I meant to just check it to make sure it was all in working order and then get back to work.!

And, I mean, really, WOW! This microphone sounded absolutely amazing. Or, I guess, it made my singing sound absolutely amazing. I ended up messing around with it for the better part of an hour before finally putting everything to bed.

All that great sound and it looks pretty too.

This last week has kept me pretty busy with work but the microphone hasn't been too far from my mind. It really made me want to start recording again so, hopefully, once I get some free time, it's back to work for OilCan Drive.

It's been far too long.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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