Friday, August 17, 2012

Twitter Bird

Even though I've been busy with working on projects this week that I can't talk about I had a chance to fit a new piece into the schedule.

I was commissioned to do this piece about a week ago and, as usual, I submitted a quick thumbnail idea to the client to make sure everyone was on the same page. I waited a few days and was wondering what was happening when I got an email that said everything had been approved and I could continue on to the finish.

This almost (read: never) happens.

Usually I'll submit the thumbnail, get approval, do a tight pencil sketch of the piece, submit that, get a round of changes, make them, resubmit, hopefully get approval, and THEN, maybe, I'll go to finishes. So, in doing this bird I got to skip a bunch of steps. Which is fine with me. The joke usually goes that when a client asks you how much it is to do an illustration the answer goes something like, "a hundred bucks to draw it, and three thousand to put up with you and your changes."

With this client it really felt great to bypass some of the usual growing pains. Plus, I'm really happy so far with the way it's coming out. Next stop, color.

And, yes, if you look at my notebook where I drew the initial thumbnail, there are a few OilCan Drive sketch ideas up there. Sneak peek, baby, sneak peek!

Have a great weekend!

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