Monday, August 20, 2012

Twitter Bird Colored

And here is the Twitter Bird in full and glorious color.

I did two different versions of him, one with the original black ink line and the other with a bunch of subtly colored lines to give him a softer feel and not have him so hard edged. I submitted both of them to the client so we'll see which one is used in the end.

This was really a great piece to do for me. Not only was it great to leap frog over a bunch of steps and just feel free to go to the finished end piece but it was a lot of fun to draw a cartoon character again. These past few months most things I've drawn have been human beings doing certain things. So it was a lot of fun to cut loose and do something really cartoony again.

Thanks a bunch to Lightbox Studios who chose me to do this piece. It was a lot of fun and really a breath of fresh air!

Have a great day, everyone!

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