Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, Monika and I FINALLY got to see James Cameron's "Avatar" tonight. I loved it was amazed at both the story and the way it looked.

What I really liked about it is that Cameron seemed to pull the looks and ideas of a few of his previous movies to make it seem like there is a shared universe in his mind. A lot of the gear and military looked like they came right out of the same universe as the marines in Aliens. And the characters kept referring to the "corporation" and the "company", another entity that made it's way into Aliens. Also, the bureaucratic nature of Giovanni Rabisi's character makes me think he and Paul Reiser's company man character Carter Burke, from Aliens, must have roomed together in college.

And the way Pandora looked, with it's neon glowing plant and animal life makes me wonder if the aliens from Cameron's "The Abyss" may have come from a neighboring planet.

So, if it is a shared universe in Cameron's mind it means we, the human race, must have survived the Terminator wars with Skynet long enough for us to make our way out into space.

So, yeah, I love stuff like that. And, even though people say the story of Avatar has been done a million times I still loved it. It was a great ride and well worth the wait. I'm glad Monika and I finally found some time together to see it.

Of course, there was the adventure we had on the way home as my Jeep sputtered and stalled a block from the gas station while I was on my way to fill her back up. Eleven o'clock in the middle
of a cold and snowy night and my jeep runs out of gas. But, a quick ride back to my house (which was also only a few blocks away) from a good samaritan named David to get my gas can, a frantic run to the gas station, a run back to my jeep, and I was back in business. Cold hands and all.

But, even with that going wrong it was a very good night.

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Manu Mane said...

I did loved Avatar too ! Especcially its vertiginous points of views !