Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ryan Burke's Fender Stratocaster

OK, so I sold the first Fender Stratocaster guitar I bought. Not because I didn't like it but because it wasn't the color I wanted (you know you've gone crazy when you love the guitar but sell it so you can get a different color...what can I say, it was a crazy time.)

So, instead of a blue Fender guitar I now had a yellow Fender guitar.

Actually, you know, I'm going to blame Ryan on this one. He didn't like the blue one but thought yellow was more his color. I don't know why. Maybe it reminded him of his hair or contrasted better with the colors of his shirt. All I know is that this is Ryan Burke's guitar. That little voice in my head that sounds like Ryan told me it was.

Like the blue one before it, it's a simple guitar, perfect for the style Ryan plays with OilCan Drive. It has only one humbucker pick-up and only one volume knob. No switches or tone knobs here. Just simple, pure, playing power.

I did change out the original pick-up and replaced it with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pick-up. It was closer to a 50' pick-up sound and wasn't as "hot" a pick-up. It's allowed me to record with this guitar much easier.

And the stickers. Ryan is the one player in the band who loves to put stickers all over his guitar. His favorite is the big Macbeth Shoe sticker he put right on the pick-guard. I've been emailed by Macbeth a few times in the past and I've always thought I was going to get in trouble for putting their sticker and logo in my art. But, luckily, they've been nothing but supportive of both myself and the art. So, it's nice to see someone out there is recognizing what I am doing and liking it.

So, this is the guitar I am recording Ryan's guitar parts with. It's simple, sounds great, and is always fun to play. If anything says Ryan Burke in the world of OilCan Drive it would have to be this guitar. Or the hair. He is pretty proud of his hair.


Manu Mane said...

Wow, I love this picture of Ryan !

I'm always impressed by your sense of motion, and the creases on his suit are beautifully well done !

Same for the work on the guitar. There's a kind of relief and it looks real ! This is very good, Sean ! :) )

Manu Mane said...

And you know, I think the black and white fits very well your style, which I would describe as a kind of animated one like anime manga, but with soft lines, which makes it really different and far better likeable to the eye than the usual animated or manga style.

I mean, someone who wouldn't look well could tell this is manga or cartoon, but I think there's something more, you add with these soft lines and this typical sense of motion we fin in the comics.... It's as modern as soft, and it's really personal. In a few words, that's very nice !

Sorry lol, I'm always analysing all I see everywhere, or all I like ! I think it's a shame we're just three or four people to write here or come and say hello, even if in the real life you seem to be successful, OilCanDrive and yourself would deserve a lot more visitors ! Ok, if I don't stop now, I'll write a book again, well have a good night, my friend :)

Be careful with the schizophreny (reporting to the voices in your mind you talked about in the article), the guy who tells you himself is falling in love with a fictional amazon..... think we're all crazy..... lol

rob! said...

Love that faux mag cover.

Sean Tiffany said...

Manu, thank as always for the great comments. You can tell I had a love for anime and manga as a kid and it's nice to know that, while you can see the influences are still there, that I have come into a style of my own. Thanks for noticing.

And the voices haven't driven me nuts, yet. Actually, they help keep back that one nagging lizard brain voice in my head that keeps telling me to quit. So far the voices of the band in my head haven't given in :)

Maybe once I put the OilCan Drive project out there into the word for sale we may get some more attention and traffic to the site.

And Robbo, glad you like the cover. I had it done as a postcard that I plan on sending out with the new project once it's done.