Friday, February 12, 2010

From The Vault - Dinosaur Evolution 1989

This is the last piece I pulled from under the bed in Maine way back in early September. I have to say the photos I took from all those piles of art have really served me well and made From The Vault Fridays much easier to do. I shudder when I think that next week I'll have to rifle back through the three or four full portfolios of work here in the studio to find something new (of something old) to show. Ah well, I'll worry about that next week.

I think this piece was done during my first year at the Joe Kubert school for a Methods and Materials class with Mark Pennington. If I remember it right, the assignment was to show what the world might look like if dinosaurs had evolved into modern day people. Apparently I didn't take it that far and just made dinosaurs with a little more personality, human traits, and shotguns.

But, I think the point of the assignment was to paint with the new Dr. Martins dyes we were given earlier that year. The fact that I used the dyes for most of my airbrushing career at Marvel Comics and beyond (until I moved over to coloring in the computer) can probably all be traced back to here.

So, not a bad piece of art and not a bad way to start my professional career.

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