Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here are a few of the sketches I did the other night while trying to brainstorm some ideas for the OilCan Drive covers I am going to need. They're rough but I think a few of them will work out enough to bring them to a finished stage. Whether they'll make the cut after that is anyone's guess. But, if they don't make it into print there will always be room on the website.

The recording of the OilCan Drive album continues. I am still laying guitars down on the individual songs and I finished up two of them today. It's rolling along but I'm in that stage of the project where it feels like nothing is good and it will never get done.

I've started most days this week thinking about quitting.

But, I keep plugging away at it and, little by little, it's getting done.

Whether it will be worth anything when it's done is anybody's guess.

But it will get done.

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