Friday, February 19, 2010

From the Vault - Tin Can Sessions 2002

Having created OilCan Drive in 2001, I already had an inkling of an idea that I could make some music for the project as soon as 2002. Using that old Yamaha electric guitar and a borrowed computer program from a friend, I was trying my best, with no real knowledge of how to do it, to record some newly written songs.

That I was even writing songs at this time is amazing. It can be very hard to convince yourself that you should try something new that you've never done before. I'd never even thought about writing a song of my own before 2001. Yet, here I was, in 2002, trying to put out some sort of album.

It was much harder than I thought. Heck, it's still hard but at least I feel I have a bit more of an idea of what I am doing these days. Back then I was using the guitar plugged right into the computer and a cheap computer microphone. I thought I had it all figured out. But it was a start and, believe me, I didn't lack passion. I thought I could take on the world and do anything I set my mind to. I still do. I know now that it sometimes takes longer than you think. And there is always more to learn.

So, when things weren't going right as I was trying to record this new "album", I would take a step back and draw the cover for it. Of course, the cover was finished much sooner than the actual recording was. It's still easier for me to draw and do illustration art than it is for me to make music. But, I keep trying. Being a one man band isn't as easy as it sounds.

I know I finished the album and had people listen to it. I still think that's one of my strengths as an artist. I'm never afraid to show people what I am working on. It may not be perfect or really any good but I've never been afraid to show it off. That no one told me I really sucked is a credit to the friends I had at the time. It kept me going when even a harsh word from someone I respected might have stopped me dead in my tracks.

But, I'm still here and I'm still recording music. I've now had a song on the actual radio and things seem to be getting better and better for my little cartoon band.

And, as far as questioning my worth as a songwriter at this time, it's very telling that two of the songs on this first-time ever-demo album, Wastelands and Toxic Waltz, are songs that will be on the upcoming album.

2002 Sean may have had some idea of what he was doing after all.

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