Sunday, February 7, 2010

A New Start

I spent most of the day yesterday tearing down and rebuilding the tracks of the OilCan Drive record so I could get myself back to square one. By dinner time I had everything ready to record. The click tracks were there, the computer drums were present, and the acoustic demo tracks I recorded four month ago were all synced up.

I was ready to start. Again.

Today was spent working on the first tracks of the first song on the album (I know it says "2" on the track but the first track is an instrumental intro to the album. So, I consider this the first actual song.) Using the things I figured out during my epiphany the day before I started recording again with the new (or old) techniques. And it sounded GREAT!

As you can see here, the basic song is just one track for Henry's bass part, two guitars to represent Ryan, and one guitar to represent Vince (if you don't count the solo in the bridge.) And with just that little instrumentation the track sounds full and LOUD. And, I love it. I didn't need to do fifteen guitar parts to make up one guitar part. It's lo-tech and I'm amazed at the way it's sounding.

I was actually so busy working on this today that I barely noticed the Super Bowl on the TV in the background (congrats to the Saints.) I did stop for about twenty minutes to watch The Who though. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry are always an inspiration.

So, yeah, a good day and a good start. The second time's a charm.

And I didn't think about quitting again today.

Back on track!

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