Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Run Run Run!

I was getting bored writing about the guitars and gear I've been using to record the OilCan Drive album. Maybe it reminded me too much about how hard doing this album has been on me. Honestly, there are days when I feel like the whole OilCan Drive project has thrown me down a deep dark hole. Yet I keep working on it because I feel it's an important thing to do. I have a feeling things will look better in hindsight once it's done and I've made my way out of this deep dark tunnel.

Of course, I have to make it out of the tunnel first.

But, even on the dark days there is usually one little glimmer of hope I can find that keeps me going. I won't stop doing this until it's either finished or it kills me.

So, no more guitar posts for now. I have a feeling showing a guitar I am using must be boring to read about as well. So, we'll chalk that one up to a failed attempt. I may post the rest of the guitar and gear photos I shot in one post just to give you a grand over view of what I am using.

But, for now, back to the art.

From the desk, here is the newest piece I'll be working on for the next day or two. This piece, along with two others, are for a magazine client. The inks are done and everything is scanned into the computer and ready for color. Two days left to the deadline and it looks like smooth sailing from here.

As much as I love rock and roll, sci-fi, and comic book super heroics it seems I've found a nice niche doing sports related illustration. Which isn't a bad thing at all. I love hockey, love football, and have found a new love during the Olympics for curling. And, drawing guys in football gear is almost like drawing military sci-fi stormtroopers...well, almost. ha ha.

Now, if one of my clients would just do a book or magazine article about curling and I'd be all set.

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