Saturday, February 4, 2012

From The Desk

Here's a little something from my art desk that I was working on this week. And, no, it wasn't the girl (although I like the way she came out as well.)

A friend of a friend back in Maine had started his own window cleaning and painting company years ago and I did some art for him for his logo. Well, he came back asking me if I could take the figure I had drawn back then and put him into a new design. After seeing the art I did about ten years ago I decided to just redo the figure and create a whole new logo for him from scratch.

Luckily for this window cleaner and painter I had a bit of room on a previous illustration I did of this sexy girl. I didn't think he'd mind sharing the room.

And, if you look to the left of the cleaner, there is a little symbol I drew that I used on the bandana of the Ryan Burke illustration I did earlier this week.

Here at Plastic Spoon Studios, no room on any piece of paper is wasted!

Have a great day.

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