Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Off The Map

One of the things I know I've needed to create but put off these past few weeks was a map of the Wasteland Territories from the world of OilCan Drive.

The Wastelands is a region in the middle of America that, in the future, has become a dangerous, desolate, desert-like land. So much so that the "civilized" world has built a wall to keep the dangers of the Wastelands out. The coast is still thriving but to get there one must travel across this inhospitable land. And it's where the story of OilCan Drive takes place.

So, I figured it was time to draw a map of the Wastelands.

It's not something I was really looking forward to creating (I'm not a big map making kind of guy) but I really had a good time putting together this map today. As the story of OilCan Drive goes along I can't promise I'll adhere to the exact map or even the names of the cities but, for what I am using it for, it should work out just fine.

And that is one more piece done for the things I'll need for my future project. I'm one step closer to getting everything where I need them to be.

I know you can't see it from where you're sitting but, believe me, I'm excited.

Have a great one!


Dean said...

Nice! Like post-apocalyptic Tolkien.

Sean Tiffany said...

I always described the concept as an outlaw rock and roll band in the futuristic wastelands of American traveling in a stolen airship. Oh, and with a giant gorilla playing bass.

Or Mad Max/Road Warrior meets Star Wars with a rock and roll soundtrack.

Or, as a friend described it to me after reading a movie script I wrote, it's like Serenity/Firefly meets Josie and the Pussycats.

So, you know, something like that...