Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kick Back!

It seems everyone has Kickstarter fever these days!

Thom Zahler, another friend of mine, launched a Kickstarter campaign today and it looks like he's doing well right out of the gate.

And, don't forget that Jeff is still looking for funding for his stop motion animated film. He's half way through the month and still has a ways to go so any help you can give him would be greatly appreciated.

And, finally, while browsing around Kickstarter today and checking on my friends' progress, I came across a girl doing her own web comic who is looking to print her first book. I don't know who she is and I've never read her book but I liked the art so much I threw her a couple of bucks to help out.

OK, it's been a long day and sorry it's a quick post but I am off to lay on the couch and watch some TV. But tomorrow I'll be back at it working harder than ever.

Have a great one!

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