Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Inks So Far

Here is as far as I got with the inks last night on the new OilCan Drive piece.

It's coming along but I didn't get nearly as much work done on it last night as I wished I had. But, it's not like this is on any sort of deadline so I'm just enjoying myself and having fun. Plus, hey, there was a hockey game on last night that I had to watch.

It's funny how inking, when done for a client, can be a bit stressful but when I do it on my own project I actually find it really relaxing. It's not like the drawing is any different. Maybe it's because the client work is on a deadline or I know people will be looking at it and possibly making changes. When I do it for me I know it will look exactly like I want it to in its own time and (usually) there won't be any changes.

OK, back to it. I am going to try and get Nicole and Ryan inked today and get this piece scanned into the computer for color before dinner tonight.

Have a great day!

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