Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spinning a Web

I've spent the majority of the day banging my head against the wall messing around with the internet and trying to create a new web page. While there were many times today where I was frustrated and ready to quit the whole thing I think I've finally figured it out and made some good headway.

I got most of the pieces figured out and now I just have to design the page and make it look like mine. It's kind of like figuring out where each piece of the puzzle needs to go and now you just have to create those puzzle pieces to pop into their respective spots.

So, things are getting better.

And, because I can't show off the new website just yet here is a piece I have on my drawing table of a new character from the OilCan Drive universe. Here name is TK and she is a mechanic the band will come across during their adventures in the wastelands of the Outer Zone.

Tell me you don't wish the mechanic who worked on your car looked like that?

Have a great day.

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