Monday, February 6, 2012

New Addition

I added a new guitar pedal to the OilCan Drive family last week and, so far, it's fitting right into the mix. It's a Tech 21 NYC Boost Chorus pedal and it gives guitars, basses, and even voices that kind of watery shimmering sound. The best example I can think of is during the intro of Nirvana's "Come As You Are."

I plan on using this effect on a few of the lead lines in a couple of the OilCan Drive songs I am working on. Right now I just need to do those leads, record a few more bass parts, and do some quick mixes and I'll be almost done. Then it's just a matter of singing.

And, for some reason, singing again has gotten me worried.

I've been singing lately again just to make sure my voice it still OK but nothing has felt right. Not singing in the car, singing along with Monika, or even singing in the shower. For a while there I figured what little singing ability I had was gone and it might be time to wrap this thing up before I embarrass myself.

But, then I pulled my microphone out and set it in the middle of the room. I didn't plug it in or anything, I just set it up. And, when I walked up to it and sang into it, there it was. Every note and rasp of my voice that I liked was there. I guess it takes standing in front of a microphone to make the Ryan Burke of OilCan Drive voice come out of me. I know that's a weird quirk to have but it's nice to know that the voice is still there.

Once I start singing I promise to take a few photos and show just how goofy I look when I do stuff like this. It should be fun.

OK, have a great day! Talk to you tomorrow!

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