Monday, January 28, 2013

Griggs Finish

I got a little free time these past few days and decided to finish up the new OilCan Drive piece of Griggs and lay some color on him. I couldn't wait until Friday to show him off as the new blog header for February so I decided to roll him out today.

I really like the way this piece came out since it has the look and feel of a piece no client would ever actually pay me to do. It's a bit darker than some more of the fun stuff I do but I think it really paints a picture of who the character is and what he's gone through.

The only thing I really cheated on with this piece is with my signature. It's very rare on any client work that I actually get to sign my art so I totally forgot to sign this piece of Griggs. When I did realize my signature was missing I simply pulled an old signature off another piece of art and popped it into the piece. Of course, the problem is that it's now dated 2012. Ah well, this will definitely mess me up in five years when I try and figure out when I actually did this piece but, for now, I'm not too worried about.

And, once I finished this piece and had all the color on it, I realized that in an OilCan Drive movie Griggs could be played by Dominic Monaghan (of Lord of the Rings and Lost fame.) He could definitely go from a fresh faced officer in the military to a strung out and bitter soldier in the field. Maybe it's because his new show on the BBC (Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan) was on while I was drawing this. Who knows?

But, I hope you enjoy the new piece. It will be up as the blog header at the end of the week.

Have a great day!

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