Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sports Illustrated Kids What's The Call September

 I've started working on the finishes for the newest round of the Sports Illustrated Kids "What's The Call" illustrations so I thought it would be a great time to look back on a few more of the past illustrations I've done. 

In each article there are three scenarios described that happen during sporting events. As the official on the field it's up to you to make the correct call. Good luck!
-During a baseball game there is a runner on third base. A foul ball is hit and caught by first baseman, but he falls into the dugout making the catch. The runner tags up and scores. Does the run count?

 -During a football game a team has twelve men in their huddle with the play clock running. Quarterback Chet Hurley realizes there are too many people and sends wide receiver Bobby Gossage running to the sidelines. Can the Toads continue their play?

-In a hockey game Alberta Isotopes left wing Arron Graves turns his body to face Calgary Bobcats goalie Mark Brodie. Graves puts  right hand in the air to block Brodie’s vision. While his hand is covering Brodie’s face the Isotopes shoot and score. Does the goal count?

So, it's up to you, what's the call? 

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