Thursday, January 31, 2013

OilCan Drive

The latest story from OilCan Drive launched yesterday on the OilCan Drive webcomic site. The cover is up now and the story will be updated with three pages each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This is the last complete book I finished and it was featured both for Free Comic Book Day and the Denver Comic Con last year.

If you look through the different books I have done for OilCan Drive over the last few years you can see how I got to the final look and feel of the books I'll be doing for future stories on the site. I started with a regular sized comic book in full color. Then I did a regular sized comic book in black and white with gray tones. This led me to doing full color books but in a square, 7" record, format. I then tried my hand at writing a movie script and the look of the pages changed to a regular comic book size with a zip-a-tone style of tones. Finally, with this book and the stories I am working on now, you'll see the square format but with a black and white toned book done in an old school zip-a-tone style.

It's interesting to see how the stories progressed and how the ideas of the books changed over the years. It was the whole point of showing off all of those old stories and books. I really enjoyed seeing the progress from book to book and how I ended up where I am now.

It will be interesting to see what changes may happen in the future.

But, for now, head on over to the OilCan Drive site and I hope you enjoy the new story.

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