Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Could Have Been

 When I started the newest OilCan Drive book I planned to do every page as a fully painted piece. After doing a few tests and looking at how long it took me to get each panel done I decided it was taking too long.

In the end I decided the story was the most important thing and that I'd rather get a black and white toned page done each week than a fully painted page done each month. I can still fully paint the covers so I am thinking that will be enough to scratch the full color itch I get when doing these pieces.

So, while the finished interior story pages will be black and white here is a look behind the scenes at the full colored pieces and how the book might have looked if I had more time and maybe a little bit of help. Who knows, maybe in the future the book can be fully colored but while I am the only one working on it I'll have to keep it simple for now.

Have a great day. There are a few more color pieces to show off tomorrow!

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