Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fuschia Seemed Right...

As I shift my focus from the OilCan Drive weekly comic pages to the upcoming 24 Hour Comic Challenge I realized, with time running out, that I better get a bunch of stuff figured out quickly.

Not only would I like to get some idea of the story fleshed out a bit more before I sit down for twenty four hours to draw a comic but there is also the matter of getting a cover done for the upcoming collected anthology of those comics. Every year my local comic shop, Time Warp Comics, hosts the 24HCD event and, after everyone is done with their stories, collects the comics into one big printed book to sell in the store. Last year it was the store's thirtieth anniversary so everyone was asked to have the store's mascot, Tommy Time Warp, featured on the cover. That made it a bit easier. But, this year, there hasn't been any directives so I've had to come up with something entirely on my own.

So, I figured, when in doubt, tie it into something I am doing with the story rattling around in my head.

During lunch I grabbed the nearest piece of paper I could find (it just happened to be a fuschia colored piece of paper) and quickly sketched out this idea. Since most of the OilCan Drive pieces I do fit into an album inspired square format it was nice to do something different and go back to the regular vertical comic book format in this new design. Honestly, it felt kind of like doing an OCD movie poster so I did my best to find my inner Drew Struzan.

We'll see if this idea pans out as I start putting pencil to paper later this week.

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