Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shot, Score!

I got the November round of illustrations done for Sports Illustrated Kids this afternoon and sent them off. That gave me enough time to run out, grab some sandwiches for dinner, and get back in time to listen to the first pre-season game of Colorado Avalanche hockey!

The great part is that hockey season has (almost) begun but the bad news is that, because hockey isn't nearly as popular as something like football, none of the pre-season games are televised. So, I have to revert to listening to them on the radio.

But, it's not all bad. It reminds me of being a kid and the radio isn't nearly as distracting as the TV so I got the newest OilCan Drive page inked while I listened to the game.

This newest page may be my last page of this newest OilCan Drive chapter for a few weeks. In less than two weeks I'll be participating in the annual 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge and I need some time to prep for the event. Not only do I like having some idea of what I 'm going to be drawing in that twenty four hour period but the organizer of the event has asked that everyone submit a cover design for the anthology of stories they'll be publishing later this year. So, I've decided to give myself a break, change my focus a bit, and get this stuff out of the way while putting the next few weeks of OilCan Drive on the back burner.

But, fear not, if all goes well I'll have a new twenty four page OilCan Drive story I can show off later this year.

Still, I'm glad I got this newest page almost all done and ready for Friday's update. It felt good to ink a page while listening to a hockey game.

Oh, and the Avalanche won the game in what sounded like a very fun three-on-three overtime after coming back from a 4-2 deficit! I am so glad hockey is back. Between that and the weather cooling off a bit I can finally think and create again!

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